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It comes as no surprise that tomatoes are among the most popular crops for both commercial and enthusiast hydroponic grow operations. Let's explore how to grow hydroponic tomatoes.
Buying pre-grown seedlings/saplings is a good option for Hydroponic beginners. But in the long run, learning to start with your own batch of seeds is the best option. We'll know why.
If you get into gardening, or more specifically, indoor hydroponics, you start to appreciate how valuable light truly is. Let's get into details how it affects the growth of plants.
If you want to boost the productivity of your crops, chemistry is your best friend. And one common household chemical that can make a world of difference in your hydroponic system is hydrogen peroxide.
Even tap water that is recognized as safe for drinking contains varying levels of chemicals and dissolved minerals. Is it safe to use this water in hydroponics? Let's answer that question in some detail.

What do you do when you don't have enough ground surface for all your planting needs?

You don’t need a large garden nor do you need years of experience to build your own DIY indoor grow system. Start with these easy Hydroponic plans
A reliable grow room ventilation system is crucial. Without such a system, your hydroponic plants grown indoor are doomed to death.

A Deep Look At Aeroponics

by Maxon Sun, 01/06/2019 - 01:28
As our soil quality begins to deteriorate, many people are looking for alternative methods to grow fresh vegetables for their future homes, Aeroponics is among the most effective ones.
Not only Coconut Coir is an excellent growing medium, but it is also very sustainable. And it is ideal for both regular gardens as well as hydroponics. But there're some things you must know when growing with it.
The wick systems are pretty much always the recommended system for your first grow experience as a beginner.
A hydroponic drip system uses small emitters to drip onto the plants. Such a setup is not only widely used in outdoor gardens but in the commercial hydroponic greenhouse as well.
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