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Some people shy away from growing the African Violet because of its quirkiness. While this is true to some extent, learning about how to take care of them can remove this intimidation quickly enough
If you are looking for some good hydroponic books, then this is the list. This is reliable resources that every hydroponic grower should own and read.
To avoid finding yourself in a mess, I have reviewed some of the most popular books on aquaponics that are available today. Let’s dig into the world of aquaponics books.
With its high rate of water saving, controlled growth and no heavy human labor, hydroponics has a great potential for going organic. We'll learn how
This article will give you an in-depth, honest look and comparison between hydroponics and aquaponics, which are on a hot growing trend today
Many people are turning to build their own DIY versions of aeroponic systems for money saving, having joy, and mastering skills. Here’s a list of 14 diverse aeroponic projects you can build yourself
If you are a person who’s not at home very often either because of work or a busy life, succulents might be the right plants for you. Let's discover the types of succulents and cacti
If you are doing any indoor gardening, setting up an indoor grow tent will be a valuable, if not the most important, asset towards the success of your plants. Let's learn how to do it
Rockwool is a mainstay growing media for commercial hydroponics growers. I'm going to find out its use, how to prepare, and use it for growing, and propagation
Plasma grow light

Plasma Grow Light Guide

by Maxon Tue, 06/12/2018 - 01:47
Indoor Horticulturists now have their heads spinning in confusion over the plasma grow light technology. I'm going to giving you a decent grasp about this grow light.
Let’s explore some of the most interesting aquaponic projects on the web. We will start off with some simple ones, moving on to advanced, and end with a hi-tech Internet of Things powered aquaponic projects.
The Money Tree Plant, also known as Pachira aquatica, is also a popular choice as an indoor or bonsai tree. It is easy to grow and maintain. Let's learn more about this interesting houseplant
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