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Mulberry trees are easy to take care of and produce sweet fruit in abundance. The most difficult aspect of growing mulberry trees is propagating them, so it’s best to buy a start.
There is a wide range of columbine flowers, all of which are easy to care for and are self-seeding, with flowers blooming after the first year.
Celosia has many colorful varieties and is easy to grow in a wide range of hardiness zones. The biggest concern is to keep the soil moist but not too wet to protect the roots from rotting.
Balloon flowers come in a number of attractive varieties, but none will bloom the first year. These flowers are not hard to care for though they have some toxicity problems that you need to know. Here in this article, we'll go over this beautiful plant in great details.
Pomegranate trees are usually fairly small and can be grown as either a tree or a shrub depending on how you choose to prune and train it. Pomegranate trees are also an ideal choice of tree to create a vibrant flowering hedge, as they can become quite dense when grown alongside each other.
Persimmon fruits ripen on the tree in fall, providing a source of food throughout the winter. There are two main types of American persimmon tree, which produce either astringent or non-astringent fruits.
Apricot trees are small trees that grow well in warm climates, but most are also cold hardy, making them suitable for growing in most western regions. They yield fuzzy-skinned peachy-orange colored stone fruits, which are sweet and juicy.
Lily of the Valley is a flowering woodland plant that grows easily in shaded, moist conditions. It features dainty-looking white flowers that are bell-shaped and emit a very strong sweet scent
While it’s fair to say everyone is familiar with the key parts of a plant, few are equipped with deeper knowledge about a plant’s biology. By learning the functions of each part of a plant, we can better understand a plant's needs and therefore become better at caring for our plants to get the most out of them.
Decks are a versatile way to create new areas in your garden and define spaces. If you’re looking for inspiration that you could translate into a real-life deck in your own garden, these 15 decking ideas are a good place to start.
If you need some inspiration for ways to reinvigorate your desert garden and give it a fresh new look, check out these 15 desert landscaping ideas.
The sole purpose of flowers is sexual reproduction, therefore ensuring the survival of the species. Here we'll learn about every part of a flower, and understand in details why flowers are different from one another.
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